Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Digital World

Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Digital World

In this world of digitization, “MOBILE-FIRST” has become the hymn of our new generation.

The world is being re-shaped, the world is changing.

Mobile phones have driven people’s minds as if it’s some kind of a drug. The generation has been spellbound. It has become morning’s first thought and night’s last prayer. Every day, all day, Where is my mobile? has become the only question.  As if it’s some important newspaper. Well, newspapers have been replaced from very long. From newspapers to books, from video recorders to televisions, from landlines to payphones, MOBILE PHONES have made all these things obsolete.

Any emerging business today, is resultant of its online presence, globally as well as locally. So, What is an online presence? It is the web practice that helps businesses to survive and establish a new level in this digital world. It makes your business not just existing but also profitable.

But, in the initial stage, the choice of the right platform for your web app to launch your business is the first step towards success. To be logical, it’s quite a good question to ask what software platform is the best.

Let’s make it easy for you to understand what to choose and what not to…

To begin with…

It’s a war. & the war is happening, between iOS and ANDROID. Both the platforms are working in the best possible ways to outshine the other.

But, why not both? Is it even possible? How cool would be that?


Progressive web apps have blurred the other platforms being a complete package of both and also, capable of using modern web technologies to deliver the best and wonderful experience to its users.

As flexible as native, as simple as the basic.

It is obviously, THE FUTURE…!


What makes PWA’S stand out above the crowd?

It’s an app, a smartphone app smarter than the others.

A BOMB. Exploding over the other apps.


Less friction for users

No downloading, no delaying. Yes! You heard it right. Your PWA app is just a website search away. You just need to search the website on google and your app will be there. Hence, it is not at all struggling.

Moreover, these apps don’t consume your phones’ storage or data for downloading.


Incredible high speed is what that has made these apps highly reliable. PWA loads easily even with down internet connection. Smooth and swift animations and navigations are some of its plus points.


Users are kept notified and engaged with the app as we can send notifications to the users.

Efficient and Economical

Oh yes, what else? Can other apps be any better? Less consumption of data and no hassle of downloading make them highly efficient and pocket-friendly. They are cheap, they are the best.

Best recommended for businesses

It can be your smartest decision in the direction of growing your business. PWA’S work everywhere. It’s a great solution for big companies. They have transformed the businesses.

Some giants that use these applications:

PWA Websites - Examples

  • Flipkart
  • TwitterLite
  • Forbes
  • Alibaba

And the list doesn’t end over here. These giants are giants because of PWAS.

How to make your app a progressive one?

It’s quite simple and elementary.


Your app should be:

  • Discoverable
  • Responsive
  • Capable of re-engaging
  • Installable
  • Linkable

Secondly, it should be:

  • Served over https
  • Attractive icon

Tens of thousands of apps are converting from native to PWA. What are you still waiting for?

Experience “app-y”. The future is just here.

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